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About Us

Driven by passion.

Fueled by fit.

With decades of combined experience in recruiting, strategic consulting, research and team building, we’ve built a breakthrough boutique brand that offers more strategic, long-term solutions to matching talent with opportunities. We are driven by a passion for understanding unique challenges, discovering unique talent, and bringing the two together for extraordinary results.

A different kind of company.
A better kind of partner.

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Our Tenacity

We’re in it ’til we fill it.

Unlike transactional firms, we don’t drop you to the bottom of the pile if we can’t fill your role in 30 days. Our tenacious team constantly explores creative approaches to your search until a fantastic fit is found, whether we’re pivoting strategies, repositioning the role, strengthening your internal processes or something in between.
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Our Commitment

Making a positive impact.

Who we are as a company, and as people, is strongly shaped by a commitment to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Grey’s pledge to give back is as much a part of what we do as our client services.
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Our Guarantee

Money, meet mouth.

We don’t mind saying how great we are at meeting your needs. But when the rubber meets the road, a recruiting partner needs to put their money where their mouth is. We are confident enough in our ability to deliver consistent results for our clients and better fits for our candidates that we guarantee satisfaction.


our team
Allissa headshot 800px

Alissa Henriksen

Co-Owner | Co-President

Lucas headshot 800px

Lucas Henriksen

Co-Owner | Co-President

Nikki headshot 800px

Nikki Francois

Director of Recruiting + Strategy

Nate headshot 800px

Nate Allen

Director of Recruiting

Ali headshot 800px

Ali Swegarden

Director of Recruiting

Crawford 800px new

Crawford Jordan

Director of Client Growth

Brian headshot 800px

Brian Bjorgum

Senior Recruiting Partner

Katelyn Headshot 2 800px

Katelyn Plank

Senior Recruiting Partner

Jen Best headshot 800px

Jen Best

Recruiting Partner

Lisa headshot 800px

Lisa Neakarse

Associate Recruiting Partner

Danielle headshot 800px

Danielle Lindquist

Associate Recruiting Partner

Brett headshot 800px

Brett Rose

Associate Recruiting Partner

Vickie headshot 800px

Vickie Skala​

HR/Recruiting Partner

hazel headshot 1

Hazel Henriksen​

Senior Intern

Frankie 400px

Frankie Henriksen​

Junior Intern​

Our Values

We live, work + act with…


We don’t quit until we find the right fit or approach for every opportunity.


We serve our candidates and clients with humility, gratitude and respect.


We’re “all-hands-on-deck” in support of each other and our clients.


We don’t run to the finish line, we run through it to go that extra mile.


We’re honest, genuine and candid with our words and actions.


We believe shared laughter fuels our continued success.

Success is hearing our clients say they had fun, felt respected and listened to, and grew because of the people we brought to their organization.

Alissa Henriksen

Co-Owner  |  Co-President
Grey Search + Strategy

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Having trouble attracting top talent? Need a better approach for retaining your best people? Looking for the perfect culture match? Drop us a line today and let us know how we can help.
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