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Brett Rose

Associate Recruiting Partner

Brett grew up in Littleton, Colorado, as the middle child among three boys. His father works in project management, and his mother has transitioned from being a teacher to council work. Since his first job as a house painter, he’s built an appreciation for the value of hard work and developed valuable skills through customer interactions. Brett graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

With four years of experience in the school transportation industry, Brett has built expertise in consulting, finance, and transportation services. His responsibilities included maintaining relationships with districts and bus companies to ensure smooth operations. During his time as a consultant, Brett actively contributed to data analysis and the management of district routes and policies, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes employed by districts. He places great value on customer relations and the opportunity to grow alongside clients. Brett’s diverse skill set, acquired through experiences in consulting and customer-oriented roles, has enabled him to develop exceptional interpersonal skills and a keen understanding of people’s needs.

Brett currently resides in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his wife Brooke, and their two cats, Todd and Copper. In his spare time, he enjoys engaging in various sporting activities, including pickleball and basketball. He gladly attends any sporting event and takes pleasure in watching hockey and basketball. Building and nurturing relationships with friends and family are activities that Brett truly cherishes.

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