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Hiring challenges can come from many angles—maxed-out resources, broken or missing processes, high turnover—the list goes on. You know you need help, and sometimes the best guidance comes from outside your walls. Enter a strategic partner like Grey Search + Strategy.

Grey digs deep to understand your company and culture to help us see organizational nuances, anticipate issues and design a unique road map for optimizing your talent picture from all angles. Whether we’re rebuilding your recruiting and hiring strategy, improving your on-boarding, supporting your team, or creating buzz for your brand, Grey is your go-to guide for longer-lasting talent.


Recruiting + Hiring

  • Fractional Talent Acquisition
  • Recruiting Process Design
  • Internal Vetting + Hiring Process Design
  • Interview Advisory
  • Recruiting/Hiring Materials Auditing
  • Go-to-Market Strategies

On-Boarding + Retention

  • On-Boarding Process Design
  • Retention Planning
  • Mentorship Building

Research + Branding

  • In-Market Research
  • Brand Audits
  • Awareness-Building
  • Branded Job Descriptions

I highly recommend Grey Search + Strategy as an agile, deeply competent search firm and consultancy that immediately adds value and insight to today’s challenge of systematically finding better talent for your organization.



Training + Development

We partner with an established organizational development expert that works to make sure your organization is operating with the right leaders in the right place and is leading others to top performance.

Branding + Design

The quality and effectiveness of your brand has a massive impact on what potential employees think about your company. Outdated logos, old-school websites and mundane messaging ding your reputation and hurt your hiring. Our creative partner Davies Branding + Design strengthens all of the ways candidates and customers encounter your company, helping you make positive, lasting impressions.

Assessments + Benchmarks

We utilize accredited personality assessment tools to provide quicker, easier and more accurate ways to benchmark your top talent, assess future hires and understand what drives top performers in your business.

Compensation Analysis

We've formed a strategic partnership with an industry leader in compensation market analysis to help you understand what specific compensation plans could mean to your company, and then develop a plan tailored to your specific needs. 

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