Your career’s in our hands.
Our reputation’s in yours.

A job change is a really big deal. But are recruiters making you feel that it’s a big deal to them, too? Do they treat you like a unique talent…or “candidate #142890?”

At Grey, we are driven to create a better experience for candidates wanting to feel understood, listened to and invested in. So we put in the extra work to not only understand your unique needs and drivers, but to fully know the client, their culture and the opportunity to help ensure you’ll land where you can thrive, not just survive.


We guarantee transparency about the companies and positions we are seeking to fill. You are as important as our clients, and it’s our duty to provide the right knowledge to help you make the best decision for yourself. This is a priority and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.


Our clients are on the hunt for amazing talent, and we’ve got some amazing opportunities for you to show them what you’ve got! Visit our LinkedIn page to view our current postings and apply. If you don’t see your match today, shoot us your resume below and we’ll keep you in mind for a future fit.


Grey is committed to seeking out and presenting a diverse workforce for every role we have the privilege of working on for our clients. We believe all people, regardless of skin color, where we come from, or who we love should be given equal opportunity to land the job of their dreams.

Through our actions, we will guarantee our commitment by continuing our education, addressing perceived bias, sharing best practices, and partnering with those that share in this philosophy. Diversity drives innovation and together we will continue to build a culture where difference is valued.

Didn’t find your fit?

Send us your resume and get on our radar for future opportunities. Or head over to our contact page, drop us a line, and tell us what makes you great. We’ll keep in touch with you and keep an eye out for opportunities that will give you a chance to thrive.


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    • "Working with Lucas and Alissa was a pure joy! Their communication throughout the recruitment process was always clear, timely, and valuable. They really understood their client’s needs, which was evident by their ability to advise me, as a candidate. I’m glad to have engaged with this dynamic team on both business and personal levels.”

      ERIC SONSINO Controller/CFO
    • "Having recently transitioned from the military, I worked with both government and commercial recruiters. Alissa stood out above them all and delivered my dream job! She was extremely helpful walking me through the interview process. Not only did she clearly explain the objective facts and figures of the position, but she also provided amazing insight into the company culture. She has my highest recommendation for any candidate or company."

    • "My experience with Grey Search + Strategy was extremely positive. I found Alissa to be extremely positive, helpful, and informative regarding the company and position. She was able to be an advocate for both me, and her client. She was, by far, one of the most professional recruiters I have worked with. I am extremely grateful for her help during the hiring process!"

      SCOTT KAUFMAN Regional Sales Manager / Wenger Corporation
    • "Alissa is extremely attentive and efficient, and communicates quickly to all questions during the interview process and post-employment follow up. She  knows her clients and what they are looking for in a potential candidate extremely well . Thanks to Alissa, I am extremely happy with my career and was over 160% to my annual goal my first year with the company she recruited me for!"

      TOBY SMITH Regional Sales Manager / Wenger Corporation
    • “Lucas at Grey Search + Strategy helped staff my entire sales team, including myself. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in recruiting and vetting top talent when it comes to building a strong team!”

      JOE RANDAZZO Inside Sales Supervisor / Sennheiser Electronics Corp.