Hazel HenriksenSR. INTERN

    I come from a small farming community west of Minneapolis. My mom and dad were hard workers, but mostly cared about making sure my brothers and sisters and I didn’t get into trouble until we found great homes.

    I landed with a pretty kick-ass family in Mound, MN. Most days are spent hanging out with my “big” sister, Lulu. She’s a Great Dane who gets to sleep pretty much wherever she wants (except the big bed). While she’s the oldest, I’m the only one who gets to sleep in the big bed (and I still snuggle with her on her bed, too, when she lets me).

    When I’m not sleeping, you will often find me with a ball in my mouth staring at my owners in anticipation. I would say my number one strength is persistence, whether I’m deciding what direction we go on our walk, how many rounds of fetch we play, or whether or not I’ll wake up when you want me to.

    I am very loving, and I go with the flow most of the time. But I hate being dressed up. My given name is Hazel Henriksen, but I also answer to Nugs, Nugget, Hazel Basil, Bing Bing (I jump high when it’s time to eat!), and Nugger Bugger. In my spare time, I enjoy giving as many kisses as the recipient can take. I have great work/life balance between the fun I have at home and as Grey Search + Strategy’s intern.

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