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Is your recruiting partner in it to FIT it…or just FILL it?

Many search firms treat recruiting as a numbers game. If they can throw a bunch of resumes at a bunch of clients, surely something will pop, right? And eventually something might. But then a year later…or 6 months…or maybe even 3 months later, you are calling the recruiter back. Guess what…the “fabulous” candidate they found for you has left and you need to start over.

That’s good news for the recruiter. Another round of commissions! But very bad news for you. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first year earnings. Ouch. And how confident are you that the NEXT candidate they bring you will be any better?

We’re here to tell you: there’s a better approach. One that yields longer-lasting hires, and happier, more productive employees. In fact, we founded Grey Search + Strategy on it:

Simply put: To deliver candidates that connect to your company in a deeper, lasting and more productive way, we focus solely on fit…not on fill.

The potential for a true FIT is only found by digging into a company’s DNA. That’s not done on paper, through email or reading websites. We’re talking about boots-on-the-ground, eye-to-eye, to understand your company and, most importantly, your culture. That’s the type of knowledge required for locating and identifying only the candidates that have the BEST chance at being a lasting, happy, productive member of your team.

Three years ago, a 500-employee client with $200M in annual revenue came to us needing 6+ sales reps to support an expansion of their sales territories. They had worked with several recruiters in the past, but none were willing to invest the time and effort necessary to generate quality hires. Time and again, the recruiters couldn’t identify good candidates, and the ones the client did hire would end up quitting or fired. Something needed to change to help them get the right feet on the street, but they weren’t sure what else to do to see better results. Then they found Grey Search + Strategy.

Before we considered a single candidate, we toured their manufacturing facilities. We met with senior leadership and department managers to learn more about their culture and environment. We reviewed their past hiring patterns with their HR team. And we talked with inside and outside sales reps and marketing staff to understand the sales and product development process. Becoming virtual extensions of their company gave us the knowledge to identify only the best fits for the opportunities.

And we didn’t charge a dime for that time and effort. (That’s not a typo). We simply see this as the due diligence you deserve from a search partner truly focused more on “fit” than just “fill.”

So…how did it pan out for our client? Of the seven reps we helped them hire, six of them were above 100% to plan in their first year! The seventh? Well, that “under-achiever” was still 98% to plan! That’s the power of a better fit.

When it comes to adding talent to your team, you don’t have to settle for any less than “all in.” Not from the candidates you choose to hire, and not from the recruiting partner you choose to retain. Grey gets in the trenches with you because that’s the best way to get results. If your current partner believes that’s too much to ask? Well, you know where to find us.


Grey Search + Strategy believes that the greatest fit between candidates and companies is found by going beyond resumes and references. We explore that grey area for a more strategic approach on what impacts your hiring and recruiting efforts. If you’re ready for an expert recruiting partner with a better approach to delivering stronger candidates and better results, drop us a line today!

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