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Jen Best

Recruiting Partner

With and accomplished career in advertising and marketing and over a decade of dedicated experience in the recruitment landscape, Jennifer has established a prominent reputation as a leading specialist in finding top-tier talent for marketing, communications and HR positions.

Known for consistently exceeding client expectations, Jennifer has played an instrumental role in elevating the teams of industry giants and prominent organizations. Throughout an illustrious career, Jennifer has partnered closely with renowned companies such as Best Buy, Select Comfort, Colle McVoy, Barkley, and Vital WorkLife, among others. This extensive portfolio of collaborations showcases a remarkable ability to adapt to diverse organizational needs, contributing to the growth and success of each entity.

Jennifer is passionate about helping others define their life’s purpose. She helps her clients identify and articulate their vision while supporting and guiding them along their path, and she brings many tools into her practice depending on each client’s personal style. Jennifer believes everyone can create a fulfilling life, living out their dreams with a strong vision and roadmap, driven by strengths, aspirations and positive influences.

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