Celebrating Greatness in the Grey

Our brand promise has always been “We Find Greatness in the Grey.™” In our normal business environment, this reflects our unique approach of looking deeper than the black and white of resumes to find deeper fits between our clients and candidates. But in the fright and uncertainty of COVID-19, we find this promise taking on a fresh perspective to offer a bit of comfort: Celebrating Greatness in this Grey.

We’re all called to deliver greatness on a daily basis. It comes in all shapes and sizes: Leading a successful business, showing up for your second shift, managing the household, teaching youngsters, serving others, following up with your vendor, having that honest conversation, the list goes on.

So in unprecedented times like these, it’s extremely encouraging to see that greatness being lived out on a daily basis in our homes, communities, hospitals, business districts and inner cities. In the face of so many challenges, isn’t that something to truly celebrate?

Greatness is all around us in:

  • The healthcare workers and grocery staff showing up and bravely facing the challenge
  • Businesses pivoting, adapting, employing and pressing forward
  • Workers adapting to effectively running an office from home
  • Parents balancing home schooling with the needs of their job
  • Children finding new ways to use their minds and live a little more freely, even if it’s only for 30 minutes

Sure, our business and our lives have been impacted like so many of you. But we’re doing our best to find some perspective and celebrate greatness, be it big or small. While our clients’ doors remain open and they continue to serve their customers, we’re finding new ways to support them and to celebrate those opportunities along the way. (And, yes! That means companies are still hiring!)

Things are certainly a bit grey right now, but we hope you’ll join us in seeing and celebrating all the greatness still out there. And if you’ve been inspired by a special person or business delivering their own brand of greatness, please share the story! #greatnessinthisgrey


Grey Search + Strategy is a strategic search and consulting firm built on a singular idea for delivering better recruiting results: Look beyond the black and white of resumes and references and you’ll find greatness in the grey. With 60+ years of combined experience in search strategy, recruiting and team-building, we’ve built a breakthrough brand on offering more strategic, long-term focused solutions to matching talent with opportunities. We are driven by a passion for understanding unique challenges, discovering unique talent, and bringing the two together for extraordinary results.

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