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Developing a hiring strategy for building a thriving team requires expert resources and ideas, and sometimes the best guidance comes from outside your walls. Enter a strategic partner like Grey Search + Strategy.

Whether you need to build your internal search team, perform compensation analysis, leverage a stronger social media presence or boost your branding efforts to attract new talent, Grey is your guide for building a stronger foundation for your company.


Training + Development

We partner with an established organizational development expert that works to make sure your organization is operating with the right leaders in the right place and is leading others to top performance.

Assessments + Benchmarks

We utilize accredited personality assessment tools to provide quicker, easier and more accurate ways to benchmark your top talent, assess future hires and understand what drives top performers in your business.

Compensation Analysis

We've formed a strategic partnership with an industry leader in compensation market analysis to help you understand what specific compensation plans could mean to your company, and then develop a plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Employer Branding

Our strategic branding & design partner can help define or refine your company brand to help make you the employer of choice in your market. Areas of focus include visual branding and identity, positioning, messaging and social media.



A partner from “outside the walls” brings fresh eyes and an expert perspective on the most effective approaches to finding, assessing and hiring talent. Grey Search + Strategy can shake up your “same ol’ – same ol” routine and introduce the most effective means of building your talent base.


Hiring the best and brightest requires a lot of pieces working together at optimal strength—before, during and after the hire. When in-house resources are already maxed out, Grey can step in as a virtual extension of your team to fill in the gaps and bring the necessary skills to the table.


You can’t build a better talent base being a “jack of all trades.” Grey lets you focus on your business, while we give you access to experts in the areas of training, development, compensation, talent assessment and employment branding to provide professional guidance at any step of your process.

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