A new name. A stronger focus. A consistent commitment.

Someone said, “When we embrace change, we can welcome what’s truly possible.” It’s easy to just cruise along the status-quo unless some type of catalyst forces you to look at things in a better way. For Grey Collaborative, it wasn’t the Big Bang or something catastrophic that brought us to change. It was the drip-drip-drip, nagging feeling that we weren’t clearly, deeply or properly articulating what we do and why we do it better.

So change began with our name. Don’t get us wrong…we are thankful and appreciative of what “Grey Collaborative” allowed us to do. We had wanted our clients to understand our unique philosophy about living and thriving in a professional world broader than black and white. We also felt compelled to support the highly collaborative nature in which we work. Our passion and professionalism helped us achieve success and a string of happy clients. But the more we communicated with others, something felt a bit disjointed and unfocused. Did “Grey Collaborative” help people understand what we do? Or were we trying to say too much and ended up saying too little? In the end, we honed in on the core of our “grey” philosophy, and we breathed some fresh clarity into our identity. Enter Grey Search + Strategy.

That change gains momentum through the promise we make to our clients and candidates: “We Find Greatness in the Grey.” That line perfectly defines our unique approach to finding the perfect fit between a company and a candidate–that we go farther than traditional search and recruiting firms that approach this work in terms of black and white: “You have a job. We’ll fill the job. Here’s some resume and references.” Black and white on paper. But that’s not where deep, lasting and valuable fits are found. You have to see the intangibles. You have to get your hands dirty. You have to be willing to go beyond black and white to find the greatness that others miss.

Our new website is where the pieces of our refreshed brand blends with the same passion and professionalism we have always delivered for our clients and candidates. Take a stroll through the site to learn more about what we can do for you. Check back often to view new career opportunities, read industry insights or just to drop us a line.

Change is not for the faint of heart. And it might not be cheap. But there are no points for “sticking with it” if you see improvement on the horizon. If you believe it will make you better and stronger, be brave and embrace the change. Who knows…you may find YOUR greatness.

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